May/June 2016 Issue

Become more resourceful, inventive, and creative with this exciting issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine! A great lineup of projects and ideas await you inside, so order your copy and get inspired!

From Jeannine Stein, in the May/June issue:

Confession: I’m a toolaholic. If there is a new art tool on the market I will hunt it down, buy it, and try it out. Why am I so obsessed? Because tools make the process of making art more fun, and often easier.

I love gadgets and machines that cut paper into interesting shapes, silicone wedges that make patterns in paint, and the feel of a cool, smooth bone folder in my hand as I crease a piece of paper. I love using a vintage pair of scissors to cut a piece of ribbon and a sleek rotary cutter to zoom through fabric. I love that my awl can punch a hole in book board, distress wood, and curl a piece of paper, and that I can turn a paint tube lid into a mark-making tool—a neat trick I learned from one of Dina Wakley’s Art Lessons!

Our contributors love tools, too, and they have some great projects and ideas for you in this issue. Nathalie Kalbach has amassed an arsenal of tools from stuff around her house, and she’ll show you how to use them to enhance your art. If you’ve never thought seriously about using die cuts in your artwork, Seth Apter will teach you how you can make them artfully unique, and 100 percent you. Wood-burning tools are a hot commodity (pun intended), and Indira Govindan has all the tips and techniques to make you an expert.

In Studio Spotlight see how artist Nick Neddo uses the rustic landscape as inspiration, and check out my report on what new and exciting mixed-media supplies are headed to a store near you. What say we get started . . . tooling around?


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