September/October 2016 Issue

The September/October 2016 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is all about handmade books with a purpose. We asked our contributing artists to show us how they make and use their handmade books.

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From Editorial Director Jeannine Stein, in the September/October issue:

A few years ago I was at a friend’s house looking through one of the sketchbooks I had made her. A talented writer and artist, she’s always been an avid consumer of blank journals, and has never turned down one of my handmade books—even a clumsy first attempt at a new binding.

As I admired her artwork, she asked if I wanted to see how she had used the others that I had made her over the years. She then revealed books packed with art and words, extra pages stuck inside, notes and photos spilling out.

It dawned on me that the books I had given her were unfinished, because her writing and artwork made them complete. Books made for a purpose, like a sketchbook, travel journal, or diary, should get a chance to serve that purpose. No book is too nice to write or draw in, and a book that languishes on a shelf doesn’t get to live its life to the fullest.

That’s why we asked artists to show us how they make and use their handmade books. Be inspired by Marcia Derse’s journals that are crammed with bits and pieces that reveal her creative life, including grocery lists, vintage stamps, postcards, and scraps of her own fabric. Seth Apter’s altered journal contains pages that reference his favorite mixed-media techniques. I’m definitely trying that idea.

Dea Fischer creates a travel journal that you can take everywhere. Outfitted with handy pockets and a wrap-around closure, this journal will be your constant companion when you hit the road. And Jen Crossley shows how to make a tiny hinged book box from brass that will hold your secrets and treasures.

Also in this issue, Heather Murray reveals her captivating painted collage techniques that incorporate vintage photographs. See how Irit Ovadia Rosenberg incorporates handmade pottery into her mixed-media work, and let Roberta G. Wax introduce you to some artists who have teamed up with the National Park Service to create stunning artwork.

Show us your handmade books and tell us how you use them. Upload them to our Member Gallery, and you could see them in an upcoming issue!

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