July/August Issue

If you consider yourself a deep lover of the natural world, this issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is a must-have! Explore the techniques these featured artists are using to integrate natural elements into their mixed-media art! Cloth Paper Scissors, July/August 2016

From Editorial Director Jeannine Stein, in the July/August issue:

I have a bad habit of looking down when I’m walking, forgetting to look up and notice the world around me. But I realized the other day why I do it—I’m usually searching for things to use in my art. While walking in the woods or on a nature trail, I’ll scan the ground for interesting rocks, leaves, twigs, acorns—items that will eventually make their way into my art journals, handmade books, or canvases.

I don’t think I’m alone. Artists have always been fascinated by the natural world, and a number of today’s mixed-media artists incorporate nature into their work in surprising and compelling ways. Some of them are featured in this issue, which celebrates that robust connection between nature and art.

Dorit Elisha’s eco-dyed collage starts by cooking leaves with paper, creating stunning vivid images. She then takes her artwork to another level by incorporating fabric and stitching.

Roxanne Evans Stout elevates humble twigs and stones in her handmade nature journal. She adds ephemera, plus her own photographs and artwork, to create a piece of art that is intriguingly textural and tactile and tells a story.

Learn easy shibori and hand-dyeing techniques from Graham Keegan, a textile artist who shows you how to create a spectacular flag using indigo dye. Make sure you read the accompanying feature on this fascinating Los Angeles-based artist, who forages for natural dyes in the most unlikely places.

If the modern romance trend has you yearning for inspiration, check out Debby Anderson’s vintage-made-modern necklace. And don’t miss the results of our Mixed-Media Apron reader challenge—we had so many incredible entries we couldn’t fit them all in the magazine. See the rest in our Online Extras.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go empty my pockets and start another art journal page.

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