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Looking for inspiration for this holiday season? In this November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, you’ll find plenty of fun ideas to get you creating artful gifts and decorations in no time!

From Editorial Director Jeannine Stein, in the November/December issue: 

Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, November/December 2016
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Magazine editors work months in advance to plan and put together issues, and I’m relaying this fun fact because I’m writing this letter on a 90-degree day when the humidity is around 75 percent. The fact that it feels like a big bowl of cream of celery soup outside is not the only reason I’m looking forward to the holidays and cooler weather; I love the fact that Labor Day through New Year’s Day is one big cavalcade of festivities.

We don’t celebrate enough things in our lives, outside of birthdays and weddings and anniversaries. In fall and winter, even the smallest milestones feel like a celebration to me: the first glimpse of colorful fall leaves, the first bite of an apple off the tree, the first walk in fresh snow. We created this issue of Cloth Paper Scissors with celebrations in mind. Gift giving, decorating, and wrapping can be grand gestures or small tokens, but all are special and make us and the people we care about feel a little happier, and a little more grateful.

If you’re going to wrap a gift, cover it in something unique, like the bold patterned hand-printed paper created by Elizabeth St. Hilaire. Be sure to make a few extra sheets for yourself, because you won’t be able to part with all of it. If you plan to host a party or two, make some Christmas crackers, those fun prize holders that pop when you open them. Dea Fischer has ideas for embellishing the papers and adding handmade mixed-media touches inside and out.

Looking for great gifts to make? Try Mandy Russell’s felted Bubble Books, which are easy to create and fun to give. And if one of your goals for the coming year is to create art daily, let Robyn McClendon and her 365 collages inspire you.

I’m inspired to enjoy every minute of this season, and I hope you will as well. Happy Holidays!

Warm regards,

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