Studios Spring 2013

  • Venture to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to meet three artists who are part of a vibrant art district. Discover why this colorful colonial city attracts artists from all over the world.
  • Marvel at studios whose influences take root in English libraries, ancient castles, and whimsical freestanding studios from history.
  • Find inspiration from artists who carve out studio space in both the expected and unexpected, including attics, nooks, lofts, and barns.
  • Cave in to your IKEA and flea market weaknesses with inventive ideas on how to furnish a studio using only your thriftiest finds from each. 

Melt wax for encaustic techniques, sew quilts in every style imaginable, put more "mix" in your mixed media, and paint your studio walls as well as your canvases. You will even learn how to make a window valance out of tongue depressors. 

Let your whimsy, and your studio, get a breath of fresh air with the newest edition of Studios! Order your copy of this must-have issue today!


On the cover: Libby Lehman's studio. Photo by Tiffany Cintron





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   Editor’s Letter

 137  Submissions

 143  Marketplace

144 Resources


10  Find It at the Flea
Jeannine Stein

16 Perfectly Personalized
Moorea Hoffman

20 Say "Ahhh" to Spring!
      Susan Borgen

22  It Takes a City
      Victoria Findlay Wolfe

27  Industrial Meets Vintage
       in a Freestanding Studio
Lisa Solomon

32  How Do You Say

Michelle Jibson 

34  Making Quilts for Gypsies,
      Rascals, and Dreamers  

      Pauline Boyd


40  Sophisticated Studio in 
      an Artist's Paradise
      Lynn Forres

46  A Light-Filled Studio to
      Complement a Home
      Kathleen Cammarata

50  Behind Blue Walls
       Marisa Boullosa



        55  Confetti Studio, Marylu
              Downing, Bruce Everett,
              Donna Downey, Claudia
              Pardo, Stephanie Ryan,
              Branka Jadric 


        98   Homeless and Studioless
                Carla Mazzone

        101  Three Studios at a Standstill
                  Cindi Becker Lemkau
                  Cheryl Arkison
                  Jane Dunnewold


        105 Daniella Woolf, Stacey Caron,
                Libby Lehman, Sara Mika,
                Barbara J. Daley, Debra
                Quartermain, Josie Rodriguez,
                Anamarie Fox, Harriet Popham















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