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Wire and Clay Sculpture

15 Feb 2011
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Cloth Paper Scissors March/April 2011

Demonstration of Wire Soldering

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jetmuis wrote
on 17 Mar 2011 6:33 AM
like the explaination but you must be wet the sponche and be sure you can lay the hot tool on a brick and not on the table. and just wait a while till the melting fusing is really cold!!! And of course in other countries there are different brand in europe its called E2000 or something and there is a tiny bursh inside it allready. don't forget that it cost sometime to heating the tool mayby this is n ot nice to add but mayby its helping others. i liked really your explaination and tute!!!!!! well done;-D and thank you!!!!
Titch5 wrote
on 30 Mar 2011 7:22 PM

Thanks Jenn - how-to videos help to demystify those techniques some of us might be a little scared to try.  This one was nice and clear .... off now to do some more work on my wire sculpture as featured in the lastest CPS (which is my most favourite mag in the world!).