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Encaustic Collage: Layers with Beeswax with Amy Stoner

9 Aug 2010
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Encaustic Collage: Layers with Beeswax with Amy Stoner

Join mixed-media artist Amy Stoner to create lush, transparent collages using rich-smelling beeswax, handmade papers, fabric, and more. Learn how to make your own encaustic medium, how to choose different collage substrates, and all about layering collage elements with wax. Stamping techniques, incising, methods for adding 3-D items, and tips for hanging/displaying the finished art are also covered. Discover the joys of creating colorful, textured collages with beeswax. Amy’s thorough overview of encaustic collage will have you hooked!

To learn more about this Workshop DVD, click here.

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CJ Rider wrote
on 14 Nov 2012 9:38 PM

Hello Amy,

I want to thank you for a great Encaustic Collage- Layers with beeswax DVD - I really enjoyed watching your creative process!

The DVD is very complete in describing all techniques used.  It is a great video for all levels!
I am already hooked on Encaustic, and after watching this I am inclined to heat up some wax!!  ;)

Best Regards,