4 years old
Los Alamos, New Mexico

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My name is Narra and I make stuff.  In fact, I am powerless to stop making stuff.  This would be a good time to mention that I also get distracted very easily.  This abbreviated two step program will have to work for now.  That is two step (not the Texas two step) versus the twelve step recovery programs. 

Hi, My name is Narra, and I make stuff.  I am powerless over making stuff.  I can not give up making stuff and I think about making stuff all the time.  Additionally, I am easily distracted which results in my making A Lot Of Stuff. 

 Out of self preservation my Mom began teaching me to sew at age four.  She told me that I would stand behind her chair as she sewed and beg for her to sew something for me.  I recall craving tiny drawstring bags and very soon that was exactly what I was sewing.  Sewing felt to me like water must feel to a fish.  I have remained a sewing enthausist .  If I am able to fit an item under my presserfoot I will sew it.  Several years ago when my youngest daughter started Kindergarten I re entered my studio half time.  I have enjoyed working with fabric just about forever but found that I was curious about working with other media besides fiber.  It was around this time that I knew I had always been an Artist and now wanted to explore the media that peaked my interest.   and wanted to explore other media related to