4 Free Assemblage Art Ideas plus Beginners Guide to Assemblages

We are all collectors of stuff, aren’t we? Trinkets, knick knacks, and little pieces of this and that found throughout the years. Some of these found objects are often seen by others as replaceable, but we know they hold a unique beauty that is coveted among mixed-media artists. At a certain point, we begin looking at these treasures in a new way, realizing they can be put together meaningfully and to serve a higher artistic purpose. This enlightenment has led artists just like you to discovering of a whole set of mixed media techniques: assemblage.

To guide your discovery to assemblage, we gathered a few of our favorite articles and projects on found object art to offer you for free. In this eBook, we offer a detailed beginners guide to assemblage plus four unique approaches to making assemblage art. Learn how to tell a story through assemblage collage on tiny tin containers, or papier-mâché your own flock of blackbirds and birdhouses assemblages.


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What’s inside?

In this free eBook, we offer you the extra inspiration to take your stash, boxes, and collage supplies, and turn them into found object art. Just about every person has a story to be told and worthy of collage assemblage. Be inspired by Joseph Cornell and learn what you need to get started in Amy Hitchcock’s informative article "The Beginner’s Guide to Assemblage." Then dive into one of the four unique approaches to art assemblage. Tell your own story through storyboxes with the direction and techniques of Leilani Pierson. Or papier-mâché blackbirds and create their homes using Sue Pelletier’s fun assemblage art projects. Join Jenn Mason at the table for a lesson on opening up faux produce for use in mixed-media assemblage sculpture. Try one or all four assemblage art ideas, its up to you!

Be inspired by Joseph Cornell: and see how one artist interpreted his technique for her art assemblage.

Joseph Cornell Assemblage Inspiration and Beginner’s Guide

"Joseph & Me: The Beginner’s Guide" by Amy Hitchcock

Artist Amy Hitchcock was smitten by the collage assemblage art of Joseph Cornell, as are many mixed-media artists. For Amy, he was a man who created assemblages that were made out of the same found objects that she loved an cherished. What makes Joseph Cornell’s work special is that they were designed to tell stories that were as common and enigmatic as the materials he used.  Following in his artistic direction, she began making box art, and shares her easy approach in this beginner’s guide.

Create box assemblage art to tell your own story through assemblages.

Technique #1: Box Assemblage Art

"StoryBoxes" by Leilani Pierson

Leilani Pierson also tells a story through collage assemblage art projects, but does it poetically on tiny tin containers she calls Story boxes. These tiny assemblages will appeal to both the novice and the experienced artist. They challenge you to work tightly, with the freedom to do as little or as much as you desire. It is s journey of assemblage collage discovery through fabric, images, trims, and objects on the small canvas of a tin box, all held together by a string of words. Frolic through box assemblage art when you download this informative article.

Design custom birdhouses and blackbirds with this art assemblage, collage, and paper mache technique.

Technique #2: Art Assemblage, Collage, and Papier-mâché

"Birdscapes: A Home for My Blackbirds" by Sue Pelletier

Not long ago, artist Sue Pelletier started experimenting with papier-mache as a sculpture material. She began by creating a series of birds that were simple yet slightly quirky, and though the birds themselves were fun, but they needed a home that would match their lively presence. Sorting through her studio collection, she found a plethora of tinware, children’s blocks, cigar boxes, and wood scraps that inspired her collage assemblage art and became homes to her new flock of birds. Learn how to create your own band of blackbirds and assemblage homes with this free article!

Play with your food using this fun mixed-media assemblage sculpture technique.

Technique #3: Mixed-media Assemblage Sculpture

"Please Play with Your Food" by Jenn Mason

As with so many of us, Jenn Mason’s art often starts as one really fabulous idea that makes a metamorphosis into something entirely different. Time and time again, she would get upset that the project was veering away from the original picture, and would just get frustrated and stop. Right there. Then she began embracing the journey and found that many of her ideas were destined for greater things. This is exactly the events that took place that lead her to the explorations of faux produce for assemblage collage. Make boxes using faux produce and her easy to adapt technique when you download this free article (plus all the other great mixed-media assemblage art ideas).

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with collage assemblage art.

Technique #3: Collage Assemblage Art

"Dead Man’s Party" by Michael deMeng

For Michael deMeng the Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca, Mexico were more than enough inspiration for mixed-media assemblage art projects. For him, pink bunnies, yellow daisies, and fuzzy puppies were not his cup of mixed-media tea, he preferred "things on the shadier side of the street." He believes there is nothing wrong with having a little fun with the things that frighten or scare us, and that there is no better way to combat those fears than head-on with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Whether you’re looking for beginner mixed-media tutorials or something for the advanced, this collection has something for you.

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Learn how to make a variety of assemblage art projects, including these unqiue storybox tins.