How to Make a Collage: 4 Free Mixed-Media Collage Techniques

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What can a collage contain? Well, just about anything. One of the most unique aspects of mixed-media collage art is that the creative possibilities are endless! From paper and paint, to fabric, stitching, and found objects, you can make your own creations with just about anything you can think of.

In this free eBook we help shed light on "What is collage?" and share a variety of techniques for creating mixed-media collages. Each artist reveals how careful planning and spontaneity combine to inspire you to create collages that are truly unique works of art. Take your craft to new creative heights with the collage designs and ideas in this FREE eBook. Download your copy to get started today!
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From Paper Collage Techniques to Reverse Painting, Discover a Whole New Set of Inspiring Collage Designs

Four collage artist share their secrets to help you learn how to make a collage.

Plus, along with this collection of fabric art ideas, you'll discover pages and pages of expert instruction and helpful tips to help you be successful. And, with your free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you'll have the help and support of thousands of mixed-media artists of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook and get started today!

Get all four articles full of fabric, mixed-media, and paper collage ideas, and find your next craft adventure.

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Learn new paper collage techniques with this download.

How to Make a Paper Collage

How to Make a Paper Collage: Article #1

Create with Words by Susan Black

Using paper collage techniques, combine typography with pattern, ephemera, and drawing to create dynamic paper collage art.

Make a Collage: The Elements of Collage, Putting it All Together

Assembling a Collage: Article #2

Putting it All Together by Nicole Paisley Martensen

In this article, Nicole shows how to translate a sensory experience into a visual one when you make a collage, balancing spontaneity with technical construction.

Create Stitch + Paper Collage Art: a free tutorial

Create Stitch + Paper Collage Art: Article #3

Objects of My Desire by Jenny Cochran Lee

Using unique craft techniques, Jenny demonstrates how to turn papers and stitch into treasured objects.

Collage Art Painting: Reverse Collage Painting, A Bright Spot on a Winter Day

Collage Painting: Article #4

A Bright Spot on a Winter Day by Holly Christine Moody

Reverse collage painting is a fun way to mix paper collage and paint. Make a random swathe of decorative papers, cover with gel medium and paint. Then swipe off the paint to reveal the collage designs below.

Discover four creative processes for making collage art when you download this free eBook.

Four experienced artists share their secrets and the various techniques they have discovered for creating unique works of collage art. Use each technique as presented by each artist, or mix and match them to design your own process for creating crafts. Try one or try them all when you download your free eBook.

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Learn how to use words, fabric, paint, paper and more to create your own collage designs.

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