Paper Art and Zen Doodle

Paper is one of the most versatile mediums available to mixed media artists, allowing for nearly any technique, material, or design to be used in handmade paper crafts, including paper flowers, handmade cards, and more.

Holiday Sweepstakes: Ranger

Welcome to the first day of our Cloth Paper Scissors Holiday Sweepstakes! Starting today and going through November 23rd we’ll be giving away a fantastic prize every day to a lucky winner: the latest and greatest art supplies, gift certificates to your favorite companies, books, magazines, and more! Enter every day for a chance to win on our…

Studio Saturdays: Paper Art

I love making art with paper for one simple reason: Incredible things can come from a plain sheet of copy paper, and that shows the true potential and power of the art, the artist, and the material. If you haven’t seen what’s being done with paper these days, take a spin through Pinterest or Instagram…

Paper art ideas | Helen Hiebert,

Illuminated Paper Art by Helen Hiebert

“I have a particular fondness for the relationship between paper and light,” says Helen Hiebert, “something that began on a trip to Japan over 25 years ago when I saw the traditional shoji screens in the Inn where I stayed in Kyoto.”