3D Art and Assemblage

Take your craft to the next dimension with wire, fiber arts, paper clay techniques, paper maché ideas, and your imagination.

Create an Easy Twig Sculpture

It’s a beautiful fall day — the air is crisp, the leaves are turning vibrant colors, and you’re taking a stroll though the park. It’s nice and wonderful, but there’s nothing to see here mixed media-wise, right? Wrong. Pick up a few sticks and branches … we’re going to show you how to turn them…

Studio Saturdays: Paper Flowers with Mixed Media

Now that summer is here, flowers are everywhere—even in my studio. Not real ones, but the mixed-media variety, made with vintage papers, watercolor, spray inks, ink blocks, and wire. After seeing the work of the finalists of our mixed-media flower reader challenge in the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, I was inspired to create these…

Paper clay and fiber art ideas | Darlene Olivia McElroy

An Intro to Fiber Paste and Paper Clay

Darlene Olivia McElroy tells us that she wants viewers “to be first pulled into the visuals of the art, and then wonder how it was done.” Take a look at her mixed-media art and I think you’ll agree that the images give you reason to pause, to think, to wonder.

This Is For The Experimenter | Paper Clay Art

It’s common for us to feature mixed-media techniques for watercolor, acrylic, fabric, markers, and the like, but it’s not very often that paper clay makes the list. That’s changing today, because Rogene Mañas has just come out with an inspiring book that teaches you how to sculpt and paint paper clay, a medium that she…

Mixed-media assemblage art by Tina Gilmore | ClothPaperScissors.com

How Radical Change Inspired This Assemblage Art

Tina Gilmore, whose mixed-media assemblage was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors, used art to channel a stressful time into something positive; see Ology for Beginners (here) to understand how, and be inspired.