Art Journaling and Lettering

Art journaling is a wonderful way to practice your favorite mixed-media art techniques and express your visions! Discover journaling tips for beginners, learn advice for making a travel journal, and find inspiration for aspects such as color, composition, and content. You’ll never run out of art journal ideas when you let Cloth Paper Scissors guide you.

Studio Saturdays: Curved Lettering

I love to hand letter, but if you’ve read my previous blog posts about the subject, you know that I sometimes struggle with it. That’s why I’m not just the editor of Lettering Lessons, I’m also a customer. And the Number One Fan. When a new Lettering Lesson comes across my desk, I can’t wait…

visual texture

Studio Saturdays: Creating Visual Texture

One thing that keeps me enamored with mixed-media art is texture. I love all the roughness, bumps, patina, and grit that give artwork depth. Visual texture has the same effect—there’s nothing I like more than lingering over a piece, taking in the layers of color, pattern, and shape. Texture is so much a part of mixed…