Art Journaling and Lettering

Art journaling is a wonderful way to practice your favorite mixed-media art techniques and express your visions! Discover journaling tips for beginners, learn advice for making a travel journal, and find inspiration for aspects such as color, composition, and content. You’ll never run out of art journal ideas when you let Cloth Paper Scissors guide you.

Studio Saturdays: Perfectly Imperfect Hand Lettering

I am the greatest admirer of calligraphy. I would gladly pay just to watch someone create words in Spencerian script or Copperplate, because it’s truly poetry in motion. But I must confess, I am a calligraphy workshop dropout. My practice pages looked like Rorschach tests, and I was always the worst one in class. It…

Art journaling

Studio Saturdays: Making art journaling come alive

After taking a drawing class recently I’m thrilled that I’m able to draw things that actually look like the things I’m drawing. So I’m starting to fill sketchbooks with pencil sketches, usually on the fly at coffee shops and in the park, to continue to hone my skills. As much fun as I’m having and…