Stylin’ with Metal

Jewelry is a very important part of any wardrobe, and as far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough jewelry. I'm not talking diamonds and sapphires here, I mean solid, everyday, fashionably current pieces. Jewelry that no matter what the occasion, you put it on and you feel that your outfit is complete, that you look mah-velous.

What can make a piece of jewelry even more special is if you make it yourself. I always thought working with metal would be difficult, very time consuming, and just plain beyond my reach. But I discovered that nothing is impossible if you take your time, have the right tools, and have the guidance and instruction you need. And that's where Metal Style comes in.

The pieces in Metal Style by Karen Dougherty will enhance any wardrobe, and Karen makes it very easy to create these wonderful pieces with her easy-to-follow directions and helpful tips. What's more, she'll help you incorporate some of your metal found objects for a truly unique piece.

Below are some of my favorites pieces and some of Karen's helpful tips for working with metal, so that you can have success creating your new jewelry wardrobe. 

Cold Fusion Necklace

Work or play, this little number will definitely add some style to any outfit. A variety of metals, wire and rivets, miniature bolts…who could resist this one?

Tip: Sometimes hole-punch pliers can mar the surface of the metal around the hole. Try sandwiching a thick piece of paper between the tool and the washer for cushioning.

Double-sided Pendant

Silver and gold are always a nice combination. This necklace is reversible, with one metal on each side. It can be casual or dressy!

Tip: If texturing with a design stamp, use a 16-ounce brass-head hammer to make the impression.

Riveted Flower Rings

This ring screams fun, and the best part of this one is that you can choose the textures for the metal. It only looks difficult.

Tip: Use brass texture plates, commonly used for PMC patterning. Available in assorted patterns, they make the metal look like it's been rolled through a
rolling mill.

Trio Bangles with Recycled Charms

Recycled metals put the jingle in this one. Lots of fun and as colorful as your "finds."

Tip: A good hand tool set should include assorted pliers for gripping, bending, cutting, and shaping wire and sheet metal.

If you're looking to add to your jewelry stash or need a fun and fashionable gift for a special person, look no further. With 20 designs to choose from, there is something for everyone in Metal Style. Make sure to get your copy.

Have fun!



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