Fearless Resin

Taking the fear out of using resin in your mixed-media art. Watch as Jenn Mason, editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine walks you through the easy process of working with non-toxic resin.


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22 thoughts on “Fearless Resin

  1. Thanks Jenn for this informative video. As I was a little scared to use resin.  But once I watched you use it, it’s not so bad and also

    it comes in little bottles, cute. I just have to try and find them in Melbourne, Australia as I have not idea where to get resin from.  Maybe, I will try a couple of art shops.


  2. Thanks for this. I bought some Ice Resin a few weeks ago, but haven’t attempted to use it yet. Your clear video has given me the prod I needed to start some interesting projects. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Jenn.. thanks for the video.   I bought ICE Resin and I do have to say, unfortunately, it does have an odor (strong one) even though it’s non-toxic.   I have to leave my windows open and it give me a headache if I’m around it too long.. BUT.. I love the results.

  4. Thanks, Jenn, for a good introduction to resin.  I haven’t used a resin since a college zoology lab class many, many years ago.  This is so different.  Think I need to give this a try.

  5. I was fortunate to take a workshop from Susan Lenart Kazmer, and as this video points out, ICE resin is not difficult to work with and provides exciting results. Possibilities are endless with this magical material. As for odor, I concur with “Judysheart”, but find that if I leave the item  in open air for 2-3 days, the smell goes away. If it is then stored in an enclosed area some smell may return but it eventually goes away. However, don’t let this scare you away from using the material. It is fabulous and the slight odor is a small price to pay for this versatile medium. Just leave your finished pieces out in the air for a few days.

  6. This is a brilliant tutorial.I have worked with Ice Resin recently but found that I overfilled some of the bezels and also didn,t know what to do with the leftover resin.It is expensive to waste.I have had lots of new ideas,thanks,Anne

  7. Great inspiration!  I have some little keyholes and this would be JUST THE THING to do with them.  I appreciate the demo and suggestions of materials to use.  Thanks for the ideas, and now I’m inspired to go try it!  Well done!

  8. Thanks Jenn for that very imformative video. Great job. I am disabled and not able to get to workshops so these and all the videos that you put up so I can watch, help me tremendously.

    Lisa I am also from Australia and I find the interweave store great, a little slow on the posting but good with the prices.

  9. Thanks Jenn for posting this tutorial!  You’ve answered a couple of my nagging questions about how ICE effects paper.  I was wondering how rigid resin coated paper would be, but from your video it would seen that paper remains fairly pliable. 

    I’m about to begin a very complex (challenging) 3-D paper sculpture and I was considering using ICE to seal the paper after it is molded.  May have to rethink it huh?

    Many thanks again!  ~Liz

  10. With the resin papers, does the paper pull off of the plastic sheeting after the resin cures?  When do you remove it from the plastic, or do you leave it on the plastic forever?


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