3 thoughts on “How to Use Letter Punches on Metal

  1. If you are looking for favorite words to stamp on the metal, I have three favorites.

    The first is   “Excelsior!”  It is is such a mundane product  (no longer used much), but has such a wonderful ring to it.


    The second is  “Flambeaux”    French for beautiful  flame, or candle, but in this country  is the black, snokey, kerosene filled lanterns that are used at night t warn of road construction.


    The third is”Clandestinity”  It has a lovely  sound to it and could be used to describe all kids of  secret things from dreams to hidden places.


    I’m a word lover from way back and love to use odd words in my work.


    Mary Anne Hawkins    hawkins8393@roadrunner.com




  2. I have a new favorite word also that I would like to suggest – Serendestiny.   The meaning I gave my made up word is – The innate ability to accidently find great and valuable gifts in the inevitable succession of events in one’s life.  


    I enjoy your magazine and all the wonderful extras you provide.  Thanks for a great product and great value.

    Maggie Nelson


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