Mixed-Media Stitch: Sneak peek

The November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is our SEW Winter issue, featuring lots of ways to add texture and style to your mixed-media art with stitch.

Whether you're working on fabric or paper or another substrate, there IS a way to add stitch to just about any surface, and the artists in this issue will show you how to get wonderful texture and depth.



Jane Moore Houghton shows us an ingenious way to add stitch to a mixed-media painting (left).


Jackie Bowcutt show readers several ways to "raise the surface" with stitch. 

In case you're not sure which stitches to try, our A Look At is all about stitches, featuring some of our favorites.

I hope you'll take a look  . . . and try adding some stitch to your next mixed-media project.





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