Mixed-Media Storage Ideas

If you're looking to change things up in your studio, or maybe just looking for some new storage ideas, take a look. Our Facebook friends definitely had some great ideas!


Norma Riehm uses an antique gun case made by her dad and refinished by her husband to store lots of thread! 






Linda Arandas likes to use old crocks she finds to store colored pencils.




"Maple Shade Kids" uses shoe racks from Ikea to store her papers by color.
Laura Comito has an antique oak accounting cabinet to store a variety of her supplies.

Here are some more fun ideas from our readers:


  • Kathleen Dallara stores lots of her supplies in crystal vases so they sparkle in her sunlit creative space.


  • Jamie Fingal uses a revolving spice rack to store small items like safety pins.


  • Gen Lane Helms uses an antique Coke bottle crate to store thread.


  • Cathy Ellen McAlister uses a wine rack fitted with plastic cups to store her favorite pens.


  • Julie Larpent uses a 100-year-old wooden suitcase made by one of her ancestors for storing supplies.


  • Lisa Cousineau stores many supplies in metal lunch boxes that she collects.


Next time you walk around a flea market or yard sale; or clean that attic, garage, or kids room; take another look at the things you put aside to toss. You just might find the perfect thing to add a creative or whimsical touch to your art space.

I got some great ideas. How about you?




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