Ornament Masks Inspired By Traci Bautista at Art Journaling LIVE


I am going to admit something to you, something that I have chosen to keep a secret for many years: I am a last-minute gift buyer.

For years I’ve wondered if it was genetic, or if I would ever revel in the joy of relaxing before the holidays, instead of frantically buying and wrapping. This year, however, I finished my shopping kind-of-sort-of early! Early enough that I can now enjoy time with my family and some long-awaited time in the studio. (Baby steps, people, baby steps . . .)


I was lucky enough to go to Art Journaling LIVE and tried to catalogue tips, tricks, and techniques in my head. Since it is holiday time, I tried to get into the holiday spirit through my art. When Traci Bautista during Art Journaling LIVE commented on how much the masks she was making looked like long ornate tree ornaments, I thought it would be a great way to kick-start holiday arting.


Working on art in your pajamas while it snows outside? Definitely worth starting my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. I can now sit down, watch my Art Journaling LIVE downloads, and try all of the tips and tricks I was storing mentally. Even if you have to wait until after the holidays and shopping madness, check out the downloads for some serious inspiration.



3D Art and Assemblage, Collage, Mixed-Media Techniques


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