The Mixed-Media Workshop TV on!




The Cloth Paper Scissors team is so excited to finally share with you the very first season of the Cloth Paper Scissors TV show: The Mixed-Media Workshop! #mmwtv


Okay, but, what is it about?

The Mixed-Media Workshop is a brand new show airing every week exclusively on Learn everything you ever wanted to know abut mixed media with quirky co-hosts Jenn Mason and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Get the latest and greatest on art journaling and bookmaking, collage and assemblage, mixed-media stitch and jewelry, printmaking and more. Don’t miss what these two zany friends have planned for your mixed-media pleasure. is your exclusive source for The Mixed-Media Workshop!











Plus, when I asked Jenn and Julie what they would do if you didn't come and hang out with them every week on, they gave me these faces . . . 🙁




Collage, Mixed-Media Techniques


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