Win a collage and assemblage prize pack!

Since I love October, games, and mixed media, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a community challenge and a prize pack!

Want to win this collage and assemblage prize pack?

Included in the pack: 2 packages of paper clay, clear gesso, Ranger Wonder Tape™, and The Mixed-Media Workshop: Best of Collage and Assemblage which will teach you all about paper clay and more!


Here is how you win!

I spy with my little eye . . . find four items in at that are about COLLAGE! This could be a DVD, webinar, project, product. Whatever it is, list the product names in the comments below by 6pm Sunday, October 5th.


A random winner will be picked on Monday, October 6, 2014. That means you have all weekend to brainstorm all the awesome projects you are going to do with these products! Don't worry if you are in a creative rut because The Mixed-Media Workshop: Best of Collage and Assemblage will get your artistic gears turning with projects, product demonstrations, and more!

Ready, set, GO!

Happy hunting,


Collage, Mixed-Media Techniques


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