Encaustic art is a wonderful way to explore with color and shapes, and to express your vision. Discover a variety of encaustic techniques and learn about encaustic supplies with these book excerpts and blog posts.


Explore Encaustics With This Free eBook

I'm happy to share with you Exploring Encaustics: 4 Free Encaustic Art and Painting Techniques, a free, downloadable eBook. Our team has pulled together four articles by some of our favorite encaustics experts for you. Whether you're curious about how to paint with encaustics or you're comfortable with them and simply want some fresh inspiration, you've…


Encaustic Painting – Between the (Incised) Lines

Whether you have just started to create with encaustic medium or you have some experience, adding paint to incised lines is a perfect next step. Top: Incise lines in the medium by drawing around a spoon and making lines with an encaustic tool or other sharp instrument. Above: Rub oil paint into the lines (be…


Encaustic Tools for Heating: How to Play it Safe

Lately I’ve been looking at art and my goals for making art and have come to the following conclusions: 1. You don’t really need much time if you make art a priority and set up a space (however small) where you can easily access your materials. 2. Note every art-making experience has  to produce a…


Encaustic Art Can Take Many Forms

One of the aesthetic pleasures of working with encaustic medium is the smooth, rich surface that seems to make the artwork glow. But that doesn't mean encaustic art has to be flat. Encaustic village by Jan Avellana. The only requirements for encaustic substrates is that they must be rigid and porous. Porosity helps the wax bond…


Encaustic Collage: Putting it into Practice

So many of you commented on the encaustic blog posts last week, saying you were excited to try encaustic art or delve into it more. For myself, I was curious to try using natural elements and Pearl Ex powders from Jacquard. My encaustic collage. I opened the windows, made sure the fire extinguisher was handy,…