Encaustic art is a wonderful way to explore with color and shapes, and to express your vision. Discover a variety of encaustic techniques and learn about encaustic supplies with these book excerpts and blog posts.


Encaustic Week Day 3 – How to Make an Encaustic Collage

I have loved the look of encaustic collage art for many years, but it wasn't until I watched Amy Stoner demonstrate how to create one that I was moved to make one of my own. She made it look so easy! Encaustic collage by Amy Stoner. Today I'm going to give you the basic outline…


Encaustic Week Day 2 – Encaustic Painting Techniques

Until you have seen how encaustic medium transforms a piece of paper or fabric, creating translucent layers and giving your artwork a warm glow, you might not be able to appreciate the draw of encaustic art. 'Pink Party Dress,' encaustic painting and collage by Patricia Seggebruch. Once you do witness the magic of encaustic, you…


Never Too Hot for Encaustic Inspiration

I really thought this was going tobe the summer of encaustic art. I imagined myself out on the porch with my electric fry pan, wood boards, encaustic medium, papers, and fabric, whiling away the day creating encaustic collage. Encaustic art by 'the rusty artichoke.' Instead, it's been the encaustic summer—hot as blazes and mostly muggy…


A Winning Combination – Encaustics and #PinTeaTuesday

I am so pleased to announce the winners of two of our latest giveaways, The Encaustic Studio blog hop giveaway and the #PinTeaTuesday challenge. The winners of The Encaustic Studio prizes are: Lucky winner #1 is iamspringb, who will receive The Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Introductory Set, generously donated from Enkaustikos Encaustic Paint. Lucky winner #2 is enchanted2569, who…


Encaustic Art Transfer Technique with Carbon Paper

The other day I made a joke about filling out my teenage daughter's endless extracurricular activity forms, along the lines of, "at least I don't have to produce them in triplicate." Meri looked at me blankly until I explained the concept of carbon copies. Then she looked at me the same way she might have…


The Best Encaustic Art Technique Book for Mixed-Media Artists Yet

I don’t usually do this, but I am about to gush over a new technique book. The Encaustic Studio: A Wax Workshop in Mixed-Media Art by Daniella Woolf is simply the best, most comprehensive, and most inspiring book on encaustic art techniques I have ever seen-and a video comes with it, too boot. Encaustic with…


Beyond Beeswax – Encaustic Collage Ideas You’ll Want to Try

We've recently added a new editorial team for our sister publication, Stitch, to our Sudbury, Mass., offices. Among the getting-to-know-you questions asked between the new and pre-existing staff members is, "What kind of art do you make?" Followed closely by, "Oh, can you teach me about that?" One of the techniques Assistant Editor Rose DeBoer (who sews…


Exploring Encaustics and Encaustic Art

In this free downloadable eBook, Exploring Encaustics: 4 Free Encaustic Art and Painting Techniques, we’ve pulled together four articles by some of our favorite experts on mixed-media encaustic art. Each artist gives you a basic encaustic process and then a more complex technique for taking your art further.


Watch and Learn: Encaustic Collage

My first encaustic collage. Not bad, but I have a lot to learn. It has been a very fruitful summer at my house: we have enjoyed a bumper crop of family togetherness featuring heavenly vistas; friendly animal encounters; and diversions of the antique, artistic, and culinary kind. But as much as I've enjoyed this summer,…


Encaustic Tips You Might Have Overlooked

Encaustic art by Crystal Neubauer Encaustic art is hot right now (sorry, couldn't resist the pun), with many people (including me), hopping on the beeswax bandwagon. I'm captivated by the encaustic collage process and the results it produces, and I've been experimenting at home with fabric, papers, and found objects. I'm a very visual learner;…