Mixed-Media Painting Techniques

Learn how to make the most of your art with techniques for using acrylic paint, watercolor, encaustic, masks, and more with instruction from leading mixed-media artists.

Mixed-media art ideas | Jodi Ohl, ClothPaperScissors.com

How to Nail Bright Colors in Mixed-Media Art

I have taught and continue to teach a variety of mixed-media art workshops online and in person around the country over the last several years, so it’s no wonder I’ve heard just about every question there is around painting, selling art, and becoming a full time artist that there is.

Abstract art by Chris Cozen

Serendipitous Combinations with Acrylic Paint

Hi there! I love acrylic paint, as you probably all know by now! There are so many ways to use acrylic and combine it with other media, such as in a mixed-media collage. I especially love the freedom of flow that comes from diluting acrylic paint with water and using it on absorbent surfaces. The…