DIY Paper Weaving: Woven endsheets tutorial


I did a lot of cleaning this weekend. Mostly I cleaned the office where I house all of my paper and art supplies. I think we have all experienced a big clean up where we re-discovered something we love, or something that sparks a new creation. While cleaning the office I re-discovered a book I made several years ago that has woven paper on the end sheets! Looking back on this, I think it is really cool, so I wanted to share it with you!


If you ever made those woven paper placemats as a kid, then you already know this technique. I think, however, this is a cool way to add texture and interest to handmade books.





1. Decide how large you want the woven sheet to be.


2. Decide how thick or thin you would like your strips to be and then divide your width by that measurement. If your end sheet is a square, like mine, you will have the same number of strips vertically and horizontally, in my case 3 strips by 3 strips. (Note: If your end sheet measurement is not square, you will need to divide the height and width by the strip width. In this case, you will need to make the strips different lengths depending on whether they will run vertically or horizontally.)


3. Lay down your base strips. 


4. Begin interlocking the other strips. As I weave each strip, I secure the strips with a bit of glue, and then readjust the strip so it nestles neatly. Let the glue dry.


5. Trim if needed. Adhere the end sheet to the inside cover. Enjoy!



p.s. Looking for more paper weaving ideas? Check out the Paper Weaving Kit to make adorable paper baskets!





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