Texture Transformation with Natalya Aikens

Do you yearn to add unique texture to your fiber art?  Do you want to incorporate recycled materials into your repertoire? would you like to learn basic Photoshop skills to alter photos for inclusion in your art? In this DVD, Natalya shares numerous simple but effective techniques that can be used to transform your artwork. First, consideration is given to a wealth of unique materials available for use in artwork. Then discover how hand stitching can enhance free-motion machine work, and see Natalya demo her approach to free-motion stitching.  Next, Natalya provides an overview of some basic Photoshop skills as she shares her approach to altering photos with this software. And finally, discover what wonderful visual texture can be added to your art after the stitch and and altered photos, with the application of paints, oil sticks, watercolor pens and pencils, and more.


Fabric Art, Mixed-Media Techniques


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