Free Mixed-Media Designs for Wearable Art Clothing and More

You can always tell an artist by their art-wear. Whether they’re in head-to-toe black with a stunning hand-engraved silver buckle or sporting an elaborately embroidered smock, artists almost always don a piece of wearable art.

What is wearable art? Anything handmade you can incorporate into your ensemble, from hair ornaments to hand-painted shoes, and everything in between. If you are looking for wearable art ideas, look no further than our free eBook! In it you’ll discover four projects for creating art to wear with paint, stitching, and embellishment.
Show off your art with these unique, wearable art ideas.


Download your free designs for wearable art clothing and jewelry.

Four artists share their secrets to creating each of these amazing wearable art projects.

Discover the wearable side of mixed media with these free wearable arts ideas!

Get ready to attack your found objects, old clothes, and mixed-media stash with newfound inspiration. This free eBook is all about showing off your art, wearing your mixed-media talents proudly. Learn how to make a cuff bracelet, create art to wear clothing using thrift shop finds, plus crafts with old ties that turn into beautiful necklaces. You’ll find all this and more in this free collection of projects.

Along with all four free projects, you’ll discover pages and pages of expert instruction and helpful tips to help you be successful from the start. And, with your free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you’ll have the help and support of thousands of mixed-media artists of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download the entire free collection, join the community, and let the fun begin.

Art to Wear Clothing Article #1: Wear Your Art Out by Bianca Mandity

Article #1: Art to Wear Clothing

Wear Your Art Out by Bianca Mandity

When creating wearable art clothing, less is often more. In this tutorial, Bianca shows how to take a thrift shop shirt and turn it into a showcase for a stitched motif. It’s couldn’t be easier or less expensive to make an impact with design.

DIY Cuff Bracelet Article #2: Paint n Stitch Cuffs Wrist Wearables by Mandy Russell

Article #2: DIY Cuff Bracelet

Paint n Stitch Cuffs Wrist Wearables by Mandy Russell

Cuff art can take many forms, from a Victorian-style cuff bracelet to a strappy leather wristlet embellished with metal. Mandy’s fabric cuff bracelet tutorial offers a little of both, featuring soft fabric and trims combined with metal zippers and buttons. Metallic paint adds an artistic touch.

Mixed-Media Necktie Crafts Article #3: From Necktie to Necklace by Jacque Kudner

Article #3: Mixed-Media Necktie Crafts

From Necktie to Necklace by Jacque Kudner

Vintage neckties have such beautiful colors and interesting patterns—and there are so many of them—artists are always coming up with new ideas for necktie crafts. This project gives old neckties a decidedly feminine touch by using the ties as the base for a necklace adorned with velvet flowers, vintage jewelry, lace, and more.

Wearable Art Hat Article #4: Flora Fedora by Kathy Cano-Murillo aka The Crafty Chica

Article #4: Wearable Art Hat

Flora Fedora by Kathy Cano-Murillo aka The Crafty Chica

Where the Crafty Chica goes, so goes glitter and paint. Kathy demonstrates how to turn a plain fedora into a work of wearable art that will crown you the king or queen of artists.

What are you waiting for? Take your art to the outside world with these free wearable art projects!

Whether you’ve wondered what is wearable art and want to learn where to start, or have been creating art for years, this eBook is one you’ll want to have around. For the jewelry lover we’ve included a beautiful DIY cuff bracelet and for the thrifty shopper a technique for stitching on shirts. Make necklace necktie crafts and even add a fancy fedora to your collection. With this free download you’ll get them all. Download today to learn:

  • How to free-motion stitch a design.
  • How to make a cuff bracelet with fabric, trims, paint, and buttons.
  • A new twist on making crafts with old ties.
  • Techniques for apply paint and glitter to fabric.


Learn how to use thrift shop store finds to make beautiful works of art.