Easy Foam Stamps

Printing your own designs on fabric is a snap with these easy-to-make foam stamps.


  • 2 craft foam door hangers (available at craft stores)

  • Sharp scissors or utility knife

  • Non-water-soluble glue

  • Printing plate

  • Brayer, small foam brush

  • Fabric or acrylic paint

  • Pre-washed fabric


  1. Cut abstract or representational shapes out of one foam door hanger with scissors or utility knife.

  2. Cut “hook” portion off second hanger.

  3. Glue the shapes onto the remaining door hanger using non-water- soluble glue.

  4. Let glue dry thoroughly.

  5. Apply fabric paint to stamp with brayer or foam brush, dip stamp into paint spread on a printing plate, or use Adirondack paint dabbers.

  6. Stamp designs onto pre-washed fabric.

  7. Incorporate fabric into your design.

Art and project by Elin Waterston


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