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Stencil Art Making: 3 Free Stenciling Tutorials + How to Make Stencils

Download Now Everywhere you look, artists are making stencils, painting with stencils, using stencils in their art journals and more. If you’ve been wondering what all the excitement is about or want ideas for how to make stencils and how to use them, you’ll love our new eBook, Stencil Art Making: 3 Free Stenciling Tutorials…


Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture: Free Mixed-Media Sculpture and Paper Mache

Download Now Take your mixed-media art to the next dimension with wire, fiber arts, paper clay techniques,  paper mache ideas, and your imagination. The editors of Cloth Paper Scissors Today have compiled four  easy-to-follow tutorials on 3-D mixed-media art in this free eBook:  Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture: Free Mixed-Media Sculpture and Paper Mache. Download Now


Mixed Media + Painting Techniques: 4 Free Paper and Fabric Painting Ideas

Artists have been painting fabric for ages—what else are oil pigments on stretched canvas? But painting on commercial or vintage fabric? Mixing in paper, stitch, glue, photo transfers, and more? That’s mixed-media painting. You can use oil pastels, watercolors, spray inks and dyes, or acrylic paint on fabric. It’s all good, and it’s a whole…