Grafix® Double Tack Mounting Film

In our “A Look At” column the May/June 2017 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Darlene Olivia McElroy shared a variety of techniques for using Grafix® Double Tack Mounting Film to add texture to your artwork.

Here are a few more options for you to try.

To begin, die cut a shape from the Double Tack Mounting Film, or cut one by hand. (Darlene die cut several butterflies.) Remove the backing from one side of the shape and press the sticky side to your substrate. Burnish the mounting film to the substrate with a bone folder or a spoon, so it is adhered well. Peel the paper off to reveal the adhesive shape.

Lay a metal leaf sheet on top of the adhesive shape, dull-side down, and burnish. The metal leaf will stick only to the adhesive. Brush off the excess leaf with a soft paintbrush.

Tip: Lightly sand the metal leaf to distress it slightly.


Joss paper is an inexpensive way to get a metal leaf look. Remove the backing on the top of the adhesive shape and apply the Joss Paper face down on the adhesive, making sure that only the metallic portion is pressed onto the adhesive.


Fine aquarium sand is a great way to add a gritty, raised surface. Apply the sand to the adhesive shape on your artwork. Leave the sand natural, or apply acrylic paint. Darlene adds a coat of polymer gloss medium over the top for extra hold.

Figure 9
Figure 9

Place a piece of newspaper face up on the adhesive shape, and burnish well. With a wet finger, remove the paper around the shape. This results in a grunge-look, but I really like its imperfections. (Figure 9)


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