38I – A Beaded Bra

I grew up wishing my breasts were bigger. Like most girls of the fifties, my models for female pulchritude were Marilyn Monroe and Bridgett Bardot. As an adult, I secretly admired Dolly Parton! This is my friend’s pre-***-reduction-surgery bra. The weight of the beads represents the heaviness of large breasts, as well as the weight society places upon women’s breasts as an icon for female sexuality. The chaos inside of the bra represents the inside of breasts: milk glands and ducts, blood vessels, fatty tissue, cysts, and sometimes cancer. The glorious blaze of beads is the beauty of every woman’s breasts. Before becoming an artist I was a nurse for 25 years. I have a memory from Nursing School, of entering the ward where I was working and hearing blood curdling screams. My patient had gone to surgery for a *** biopsy, and awakened post radical mastectomy.


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