90% Ikea mixed media craft room

This is where all  my art/craft books are kept. I actually got this unit at Target so it and the tool shelf are the only non-Ikea units in the room.

I try to keep the books and magazines organized by subject. Top shelf is paper/mixed media/collage stuff. Second shelf is magazines in the paper/mixed media genre. Third shelf is fabric/cloth/fiber stuff (quilting, embroidery, etc.). Next shelf is beading. Bottom shelf (behind PressNSeal due to bad cat) is magazines and such for cutting up.

Top of unit (and currently in that pile in front of the shelf, lol) are empty boxes. I use a lot of those pretty boxes you can get nowadays and as I accumulate items and then use stuff up, I have to keep juggling the size of the box it's stored in.

On the right side of the unit I hung some hooks which hold my garbage bags (recycling and not) as well as my lighted magnifying glasses (old woman eyes, drat!) and things like that.

So when I sit in the corner (next photo) I have my desk in front of me, my tools to my right, my paints behind me, and my books and garbage to my left. I can also sit in the corner and stare at my wall and debate what I should do to finish any piece hanging there. There's a tv and small music player in front of me and my garden out to the side. I'm happy here!



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