90% Ikea mixed media craft room

This is one wall in my room. That's a closet organizer from Ikea that goes floor to ceiling. The shelves come in different widths. The poles that go floor to ceiling have been installed by a handyman, they are not tension rods, which I prefer as I've put a lot of weight on these things, lol.

You can't really adjust the shelf placement once the unit is up. In order to move a shelf up or down you need special tools to release special screws and then slide a bracket up or down the pole. So my advice it get the shelves where you want them first time.

You can also get drawers in various widths as well and put them wherever you want on this system. I put mine on the bottom.

I put a lot of my supplies in boxes as you can see. I have mostly fabric stuff on one side, collage stuff along the top of the drawers, beads and yarn and floss in the drawers, polymer clay, and other items on the left side.

I keep my books, tools, paints and paper in other areas of the room (photo's coming).


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