A Meaningful Life Journal

This journal has six sections with mixed media collage pages made out of an antique French language book. The pages of the book were torn down to size and each page was individually hand distressed and inked then collage pieces and paint were added. Each section was bound using hand dyed and distressed fibers.  Photos, journal captions, paint and fibers were then added to complete the covers of each portion.  The back cover is made with the cover of an old book, the front cover is a piece of an old carriage lantern painted and adorned with other found items such as old keys, parts of an old necklace for a clasp, and an antique drawer pull. Hand distressed fibers decorate the spine. Many collaged and painted tags slip in between the pages of each section to journal on.




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10 thoughts on “A Meaningful Life Journal

  1. This looks amazing!  I love how you’re not afraid to distress vintage elements so that they really take on a narrative history and mystery.  p.s. I voted for you for your video project!  Hope you win!


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