"Alice’s Adventure"

This is a full sheet, mixed media painting–38" X 30"–done on watercolor paper. The media used are watercolor paints, gel pens, acrylic paints, metallic paints, dry wall tape, and glitter (very fine and mica chips). The painting was begun with watercolor paints, as a "doodle" of sorts. As I progressed outward from the center of the painting to the edges, it began to look like a spiral staircase and I began to ruminate about names for the painting. I thought about "Up the Down Staircase", "Alice's Escape", "Down the Rabbithole" and finally settled on "Alice's Adventure". When the initial painting was complete and dry, I began to add the dark areas to make the spiral staircase really "pop". When all the painting was done, I embellished with glitter, gold gel pen, and splatters of watercolor paint. My goals were to keep clean, fresh colors and show a lot of movement in an exciting composition and I feel that I accomplished them in the finished painting! Floated on a blue mat background, the 30" X 22" watercolor was mounted on foam board and then matted with a white 4" mat in a gold metal frame.


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