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Jen Osborn

About Jen Osborn

Jen Osborn is a third generation artist and freelance writer who lives in rural Michigan with her family. She has an enormous imagination and loves nothing more than opening other people’s eyes to what lies inside her mind by creating artwork that’s as fun to touch as it is to look at! She has a knack for blending quirky vintage photographs with modern techniques which lets you experience a burst of colorful eye candy. She stitches together fabric and paper to create tiny story quilts which tease your eyes and tickle your heart. In 2003 she developed an innovative art technique for manipulating transparency images with fire that was published in Transparent Art and Somerset Workshop 2. She regularly writes for Cloth Paper Scissors, Stitch Craft Create, and numerous Somerset publications. Her first solo book, Mixed and Stitched is on bookshelves now. You can also follow her adventures in art on her blog:

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