American Landscape: SD Highway 40 Trees 3

Monotype, 12"x24" image on 22 and 1/2" x 30" printmaking paper; handpulled; Akua-Kolor inks.

Some years ago, my husband and I took a trip to South Dakota and drove across the shortgrass prairie. The austere landscape moved me tremendously, and I made a series of watercolor sketches. I came across them recently and used them as the inspiration for a series of prints.   This print is one of my favorites.

This print is a true monotype; it has no elements that could be duplicated or reused in another print.   I painted the background — the yellow ochre above and red oxide below — and ran it through the printing press,  Then I painted the trees– phthalo green mixed with a tinge of red oxide — and the accompanying shadows onto the same plate and ran it through the press again.


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