an inspirational studio view

My studio is located in a 1860's Courthouse ..complete with restless spirits from the past ..and things that go bump in the night (I tend not to work there at night much! 🙂 My window overlooks the now abandoned jail and the courtyard where public hangings occurred up until the 1960's..This aside..the space is my sanctuary..A small white room with an  18 foot  high ceiling-it emanates a welcoming glow despite it's ragged past.

I collect old many artisans vintage suitcases overflow with old photos and ephemera. My distressed doll collection oversees my creative projects ..and a variety of old and new paintings grace my walls to keep me on track

In this particular photo you will notice my most beloved possession- a Frida  Kahlo project quilt created in a round robin by artists from here there and everywhere..lucky me to have it now.:-) Frida inspired me with her story and jump started my ceativity back in 2009..I owe her for that..!


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