An Old Old Story

This piece is made up of many of the old old things that surround me each day. I sit and wonder about each piece. If this piece could tell me a story what would it be? Where has it been, who held it and loved it, when was it lost and forgotten? Most of the metal findings in this piece came from the metal detecting finds of my grandfather and my father. They were dug up from the ground and thrown in a jar and now they have a chance to tell their story. Each one has something to say if we just listen. What are they saying to you?

Machine embroidery and hand stitching over multiple layers of vintage fabric, antique paper, hand made pulp, etc. Framework is made of tie wire and captions are from an antique hymnal.


(This just in…This artwork is on the cover of Sew Somerset's summer 2011 issue! Coming out June 1st)


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13 thoughts on “An Old Old Story

  1. I so much appreciate all your comments, thanks for being so nice. I’m really glad you all have enjoyed viewing my work. It really means a lot to me to be so encouraged. You all Rock!


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