Announcing the finalists for our Custom Planner reader challenge


Summer is a very busy time . . . for all of us. I apologize for the delay in getting this finalist list posted.

As always we were very pleased with the results of our reader challenge. We had a nice sampling of colorful and unique planners, making it difficult to choose.

Thank you to all who participated.

We would like the following artists to send their PLANNERS to our Sudbury, Massachusetts, office by October 9 for publication consideration. We look forward to seeing the planners in-house!

  1. Gail McMullen • Seatac, WA
  2. Teri Newsome • Moscow, ID
  3. Leslie Evans • Tucson, AZ
  4. Sarah Miles • Coinjock, NC
  5. Susan Auburn • Richmond, VA
  6. Pamela Vosseller • Florence, OR
  7. Kareth Servis • Milwaukee, WI
  8. Chris Olesen • Gardnerville, NV

Please remember to include your shipping and handling fee with your artwork: $10 U.S., $12 Canada, $20 for all other international entries.

Please check the Challenge Announcement for all rules and shipping information, and/or contact me: with any questions.

** Artwork by Kareth Servis


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