Antique Brass STEAMPUNK necklace

This is SUCH a special piece and is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

I was fortunate to find a GORGEOUS authentic antique stamped finding for this stately neck ornament! When you hold this in your hand you will not believe the detail and the unrivaled patina this piece has.

These actual antique findings are rare and MUCH heavier and has much more detail and stubstance than the new findings that are so prevalant these days.

I started with this bewitching ornate brass finding and added a back piece from an antique pocket watch that fit PERFECTLY! It looks like they were made for each other. The back piece from the pocket watch is engraved with "Patent Lever 13 holes jewels".
I added a hand from a vintage clock, some gears and a sparkling aurora borealis jewel.

Two vintage wristwatch cases along with their movements act as connectors to the lovely black velvet cording. A small brass filigree and antique topaz colored bauble complete this unique and truly "one of a kind" piece.

This extraordinary piece measures 3 1/4" in diameter along with another 2" being added by the bauble. The black cording is 28" long but it can be shortened if desired.

Each and every piece in my jewelry line has been meticulously designed and created in such a way as to last for years to come.

Faithfully yours,

Violette Noble


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