My name is Asun Sanchez and I am from Seville in Spain. I am a fibre artist and my speciality is the art of needle-felting. I really have a passion for what I do and I hope you like my work.

I specialize in caricature sculptures and I would be thrilled to do one for you …. perhaps of a friend, colleague or family member, or even one of yourself! A needle-felted sculpture makes for a perfect wedding present (the happy couple wearing their wedding outfits), or for a birthday or anniversary or any occasion in fact. The possibilities are endless and they really do make such an unusual gift to present. All you have to do is contact me with your request/ideas and we can discuss the details, ie size, dress, pose, etc. I would need some good photographs of the person(s) in question and some details about the character of that person.

I can also do celebrity dolls. Perhaps you would like a sculpt of your favourite singer, or actor.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone happy with one of my dolls.

My dolls are 100% hand made. Needle-felting is a long process which involves repeatedly stabbing wool roving with a barbed needle until the fibres lock together, compact, and take shape.

Part of my profits are donated to an ONG

Please do visit my blog to see some of my work at

Thank you for your visit.


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