Baby Blush

The Bustier Bra is a beautiful way in expressing the female beauty.  I used a wonderful cotton taupe lattice bustier bra with roses I had dried from my garden, mod podge and acrylic paints.  I used a fabric paint, glue and crystals.

Reusing a beautiful satin baby blush ribbon that was gifted to me I laced the ribbon through the lattice of the bustier to form flowers.

Using my drawing of our family home (pencils, white out and watercolor pencil's) in a business card was accomplished several years back for the intricate part of the design in the lower band.  I also used a European auto part found resting in dirt, sand and covered with oil that I cleaned and placed into my art piece.

Around the enhancement of the lower band of the bustier are a couple of pictures I took of my quilted place mats with my iphone, editing and up loading to my computer, printing out the pictures and adding acrylic paints.


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