When creating collages, I often use the concept of a quilt as my starting point. I love the way traditional quilts honor and celebrate timeless themes like home, family, and gratitude. In contrast, my contemporary quilt interpretations illustrate modern distractions that can cause us to forget the importance of these traditional themes.

Baggage explores the effects of trying too hard to please everyone. If my focus is on keeping everyone happy, I end up carrying the weight of agreeing to too many requests, taking on too many responsibilities, and ignoring my own needs and desires. This piece reminds me to think before I say, "sure!"

8" x 8" stretched canvas, fabric, cotton thread, gesso, gel matte medium, gloss medium, sewn watercolor paper, charcoal, ink jet print on copy paper, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, hand block-printed muslin, fiberfil, graphite pencil.

Jenny Lee


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