Bangle, Shades of Gray

This bangle began with a "skeleton" in 19 gauge dark-annealed steel wire.  I then tied in a square knot fashion,  my various gray, hand dyed, torn edge fabric.  Next I went back over the fabric with 26 gauge dark-annealed steel wire and put a few  #6 seed bead accents throughout the fabric.  My last step was to sew on each pearl to create a stunning center.  After finishing this piece I felt as if it had taken on a life of some sea creature not yet discovered.

The bangle measures approximately 8" in diameter, with a height of approximately 1 1/4".  It also measures approximately 2 1/2" from pearl to pearl.

The materials used were ;19 and 26 gauge dark-annealed steel wire, hand dyed fabric, #6 seed beads, pearls and gray upholstery thread.

The techniques I used were; wire wrapping, fabric dying, knotting and hand sewing.



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