Beach Baby

My map is literally a map outlining one of the main features, attractions, activities of growing up in an Island life. "Beach Baby" is a mixed media snapshot of a life spent beachcombing, discovering and experiencing warm sand between the toes, ocean winds, sea sprays, crashing surfs, campfires and hours upon hours of swimming at our many beaches on the Lakes and in the Pacific Ocean. I couldn't imagine living anywhere that isn't near an ocean.
My "snapshot" is made from a base of corrugated cardboard, topped with Gesso, acrylic paint, abalone colored sparkles, glass beads texture gel. The map tiles are made of layers of 140 lb watercolor paper topped by a map of Vancouver Island. It is coated with a Dimensional clear Coat to imitate actual Fired clay tiles. The "stainless" squares are Perrier cans cut open, sanded and cut to size then mounted on watercolor paper. Brads are on each corner and embellishments pierced through the center. The black and white picture is of me as a small child with my brother and Grandmother probably eating a "sand" sandwich 😉 . The arrows indicate the beaches that have the most meaning to me. The bottle has a suggestion of "message" in it. The chain is a found object from the day before.  🙂


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