Believe Art Journal

Six years ago my life was turned upside down by a car accident. I suffered from a broken brain, a victim mentality, and a sick heart.  I became disillusioned. I lost my hope and belief. It wasn't until recently that I discovered mixed media art as a way to deal with the pain in my life. Painting soon became my gift from God, my therapy, my life line. It was if I painted my way through depression by painting the life I wanted to live. The more I painted joyful and colorful paintings, the more I experienced joy and color in my own life. My heart began to hope and believe again.


This is a mixed media altered book titled "Believe Art Journal". I used acrylic paint, painted papers, paint store swatches, lace, vintage handwritten letters (written by my grandmother and grandfather), vintage papers, vintage book pages, letter stamps, and clothing patterns. Each page has been painted and journaled on. 



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4 thoughts on “Believe Art Journal

  1. I was taking a look at the other entries for the artisan search and came across your story – congratulations on finding a way to express your pain through art and healing it all! It’s been my experience that ART is one of the biggest healing aids we have. I hope you have a chance to stop by my blog and see a special art piece I created to donate for a fund raiser – it speaks to the healing power of Art. Good luck in the artisan search and with your path to healing! =-)

  2. I love your story.  I love your art.  It is a message I am sure many will identify with!  Such happy colors and the message is clear … I am starting to believe again!  Thanks!


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