Belle of Bell Tavern Art Doll Assemblage

The Belle of Bell Tavern is inspired by a 19th century wallpaper fragment on display at the Peabody Historical Museum and Hanna Webster Foster's novel "The Coquette or The History of Eliza Wharton."  The wallpaper fragment is originally from the Bell Tavern in Danvers, MA. Events at the Bell Tavern inspired Ms. Foster's novel.

The Belle of Bell Tavern features a hand-sculpted figure of Eliza Wharton and a handmade journal that opens and chronicles her tragic situation. The slippers, key, and suitcase represent her personal belongings. The scrolls are love letters to an unknown man. The quote appeared over a door at the Bell Tavern.

Materials: Polymer clay, wool roving, paper, wire, antique wall shelf (inverted), found objects, ribbon, acrylic paint, soft pastels.

Dimensions: 16.5"h; 8"w x 4" (base)





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