Birds’ Eye View

Fused polyethylene (plastic bags), stitching, wrapped on board, 10"x23".  Layers of  plastic bags are fused to make the base fabric.  Smaller, colorful pieces are cut and collage-fused, while stitching has the important role of outlining.  If possible, I try to sew one line of stitching to "draw" each bird or branch.

I'm into repurposing.


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10 thoughts on “Birds’ Eye View

  1. This is fabulous! Once again, I love your colors and the way you’ve stitched accents in all the right places. Also, I’m impressed how expressive your birds are – it’s easy to see which one is looking up, which is looking down, etc. Great repurposing – do you paint the bags to get the great colors?

  2. I am truly inspired by this.  I love to re-purpose too and am thrilled to see the quality of work that comes out of recyled art.  I believe the use and wear of the objects chosen, really add in a way that new materials cannot.


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