Birds Nest Assemblage

This found object and nature element assemblage was inspired by a piece of wood I found near my driveway that closely resembled a bird.  With the simple addition of a piece of vintage velvet a bird sculpture was born.  I imagine this little breed of bird to be a collector of sorts, building its nest in a nontraditional fashion.

The nest itself is built upon a brass plated compote, a flea market find, that has been altered with glazes.  The nest consists of a chicken wire frame that has been treated with paints and glazes to resemble rust.  Interwoven in the wire are rusty hardware bits coupled with beads, buttons, and copper wire.  Fibers such as shreds of vintage book pages, dyed cheese cloth, tulle, muslin, acetate, strings, fabric strips, and threads make up the soft portion of the nest.  Stones wrapped in copper wire and tiny feathers further embellish the nest with handmade paper roses rounding out the nest decor. Natural twigs woven together line the lip of the nest.  A pale soft green deer foot moss lines the nest in which rest speckled rusty old spoon eggs.


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